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Phnom Penh 8th to 10th

sunny 32 °C
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Spent the day doing a bit of touring and more eating.
Went to the Killing Fields, more for my companions benefit. I did a good tour a few years ago, but was good to go back to this site. It needs a bit of money put into it. Starting to look rather drab and shabby. Visited a few other points of interest, again by Tuk-tuk. Then lunch. I then went back to accom' and the others kept touring. I was far more interest in sleeping.


then off for another buffet in the evening. The highlight though was having a Tuk-tuk driver who got lost and gave us a real back street tour, then managed to go over the main city bridge twice followed by a u-turn in a 4 lane one-way street. He wasn't hired for the trip home later in the night.


another fantastic day in Phnom Penh., except possibly for the dust and smog.

Up very early for the bus trip back to Saigon. An excellent bus turned up, had aircraft type seats. The most comfortable I've ever been on and the border crossing was amazing. All done in 15 minutes. So an excellent trip to Saigon, a siesta in the afternoon in preparation for another party tomorrow

Sat' party was huge. Celebrating 150 years of LaSan presence in Vietnam. 700 guests & 300 helpers. Really entertaining. Like watching one of those Chinese movies with a thousand actors.


Heading back to Da Lat on the late Sunday evening bus. Have a chance of a sleep that way. Not sure that it will help the teaching later on Monday. Not a worry at the moment.

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Phnom Penh Wed' 7th

sunny 32 °C

The community we visited the previous day were celebrating their 10th year of working with state-less Vietnamese. So we helped them out a bit.


after lunch, which was a real buffet special deal at a restaurant with excellent food and of course the company was very special


in the afternoon we headed south of Phnom Penh for about an hour and a half. Same situation as before. Across the Mekong to an island and a different community.

We travelled by Tuk-tuk to the Mekong crossing, after which it was by motor-fright. We were collected once across the river by teenagers on motor-frights. They knew that travelling quickly makes for a smooth, but not without helmets. A little scary to say the least. Thank heavens it was only a 10min' trip.
two sisters work with the people in the community whom they described as a bit wild. After the motorfright ride - no argument. Got a tour of the local church and area before heading back to the barge.


the locals loaded us up with mangoes and other fruits. Again, we were welcomed and looked after well

about to depart

about to depart

another barge

another barge

Mekong sth' of Phnom Penh

Mekong sth' of Phnom Penh

Mekong sunset

Mekong sunset

in the evening we headed off to another local eating haunt. Very simple but different buffet


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Phnom Penh Tues 6th

sunny 30 °C
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So departed on Tuesday the 4th via bus, which was just ok. Food stops were only average.
The border crossing was horrendous. A hour and a half of standing around. Showed the Viets' at their non-compliant, no line-up worst, no patience, q jumping, shouting worst. The Cambodian side was such a relief, although the quarantine guy looked like he had not been disturbed for a decade or so.
arrived at accom' ok. All good there. About 30min north of city proper. Had a little walk around the neigh-hood, i.e the narrow back alleys etc, guided by the locals. Took in a local church


Then headed off fairly quickly to a community about an hr' further north. Is Viet' Cambodians.
So generally Vietnamese parts who are living in Cambodia and have children born in Cambodia. They are a stateless group who compose about 5% of the population. In general Viets' don't have a good name in Cambodia. They are blamed for a lot of crime etc.

Visited a community on an island across the Mekong. All travel by Tuk-tuk of course. The only way to go except on dirt roads. They bounce like nothing else. Not much rain this year, so really rutted dirt roads. Had to cross the Mekong first and then travel to the other side of the island.

On the barge

On the barge


Had a very pleasant time in the community, including a small evening party. Interesting to hear combinations of Khmer, Vietnamese, English and French being spoken. English being the common one, with Cambodian, Viets', Australian and Americans present.
Met up with some Australian working in the community by doing some teaching and manual work for two weeks
Headed back late, battling our way through the Phnom Penh traffic, which is worse than Saigon but less noisy. Little use of the horn compared to Vietnam.
A very full day is completed.

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Hue to Saigon to Phnom Penh

overcast 29 °C
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Leisurely feeding of the face to begin the day and then a pleasant drive to the Hue airport. Booked in etc etc with no hassles. Flying on an A320 that was filled to the gunnels. They load us and then we sat & sat for 40 minutes, getting warmer and warmer, being thanked for our patience. Not that there is a choice. Eventually landed in Saigon at about the same time as a Jetstar from Hue. So 500 people hit the terminal at once.
Caught taxi to residence with no hassles. Enjoyed a few beers and conversation to round off the day.

Phnom Penh here we come. Had nothing to do with organising who and how for this trip. No idea for how long either. Could be an exciting trip?

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A Hue Sunday

overcast 20 °C

A morning Church at the Cathedral followed by a tour and some great conversation with the locals


then met up with a friend of the last decade for lunch at a local restaurant. All very enjoyable.



Yummy fish head

Yummy fish head

Then back for the regulation afternoon snooze.
A relaxing evening getting ready for the flight to Saigon tomorrow morning.
Intended to take the bus to the airport at 170000 and a 7am depart. Opted for the 200000 private taxi and the 8am depart. The leisurely breakfast is soooo important to start a day well.

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